Christmas has gone and the new year beckons.

That time of year has finished again. Our favorite holiday in this house. Our kids have grown up and had kids of their own but this doesn’t stop us from celebrating Christmas like we always have. For the last few months (or so) we have been watching Christmas movies. Decorations were up in November before my birthday. I don’t mind them being up early as it means we get to enjoy them longer.

Now it’s the 1st Jan 2022 and I am sitting planning my year. What I want to achieve in writing, health/fitness, and reading. I don’t want to do one of that new year I am going to conquer the world posts but I want to do something to chronicle this year to try and ensure I do something!
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I have even got myself a smaller diary this year with the intention of logging what I am doing each day to further my writing aspirations. I know I am terrible for keeping up with something like this but we shall see how I get on.

Well it’s nearing the end of a long day, had dinner with the family and played with the grandkids. Allot of fun but I am tired now. Time to sit back with the wife and watch something.

See you in the funny papers!

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November Update

My last post was on Oct 9th and was full of plans and hope. that hasn’t come to pass as I am sure you are shocked to learn. Instead a combination of lack of planning (despite starting at a time that gave me plenty of time) not feeling 100% and other commitments I haven’t managed to keep up to date with Nano. But, mainly lack of planning.

I went to a writing meetup today and although I didn’t work on my NaNo project I worked on a short story that I want to get finished. It was a productive meeting.

I need to ensure i get this short done before xmas and time is slipping by!

There are 14 minutes left of my birthday, 44! I wonder when I can manage to slay this procrastination beast and get something done, it’s never too late but I really need to pull my finger out of my butt!

Let’s see what December brings?

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It’s October 9th and I am cracking on with Preptober. I have found a new writer that does youtube videos and resources to help other writers, her details are below.

Sarra Cannon

Website –

YouTube –

One of the things she provided was a Preptober booklet and a booklet for planning your novel. I have found these to be very useful and I am in the process of working through them to plan my project.

My issue with NaNo has always been planning, I don’t get enough in and so I run out of steam and then get too far behind. I am trying to mitigate this by making sure that by the beginning of November I have an outline in place that may not give me everything I need

I actually wrote the above a few days ago and since then I haven’t done anything. I mean for the past 3 days I have had a man cold and I don’t think I need to tell you how serious that is. But, I do need tog et to planning or I will just end up where I am each year with around 20k words and then running out of steam.

I will see if I can pull myself around today, but if not I need to get some good planning in by the end of the month.

Wish me luck 🙂

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It’s beginning to look a lot like…

I wish… the weather has changed in the last week from warms days where it’s hard to concentrate in the office because of the heat to me having to close the windows to keep warm while working. I must admit to hoping for the cooler weather to come, but I like the happy medium. We have had some rubbish days where it just rains and is cold. Off out to do pumpkin picking with Trace and Arthur and Imy tomorrow and it’s supposed to be cold and raining, I am hoping the rain holds off. But, it should be fun regardless. We are nearly at the change of season and the clocks will soon go forward, the nights are already pulling in and I am hesitant to say that me and the wife have already started watching Christmas films.

This year I managed to find this addon tv channel to my Prime subscription and although it is costing me an extra £4.50 a month it is worth it for me and Trace. We have already watched so many new films that we haven’t seen before and there are loads more to find. It’s really beginning to get us into the feel of the season.

I know a lot of people will cry it’s too early for Christmas, it’s not even Halloween. But with everything that is happening in the world today we are taking anything that will offer more in this difficult time. A little extra Christmas cheer makes all the difference and if it is something that puts a smile on my wife’s face then that’s all I need.

We are a Christmas house and we really look forward to it each year, we can’t help that it is getting earlier and earlier each year 🙂

Do what you need to do to smile, you only live once.

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What I love to do

I’m not talking about family or anything like that, but my hobbies, what I like to do when I can manage to stave off the procrastination enough to get it done.


I love books, sounds like something you would start off with at a support group, but I have loved reading and books since I was very little and throughout that time it has almost all been Fantasy & Sci-Fi. I recently brought my books back down from the loft and turned half of my office back into my library. It’s an amazing collection, I look forward to getting down to more reading.

Of course, I have already re-read 3 books from the collection instead of reading the new books I have, it’s hard because I love to read and for me, it’s like rewatching a film.

Happy reading.

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Nanowrimo season rapidly approaches, as well as planning for this to ensure I have a good outline to complete a novel this year I am working on a small short story project for Christmas. Something I have also been meaning to get done for many years.

To try and help with the planning phases for nano a friend and I have decided to try the accountability partner idea. This means meeting weekly (or more) to go through goals. Trying to keep each other on track and holding each other accountable. something I have wanted to do for a while as I do tend to work better when I know I have someone waiting for me, and if I slip a swift kick up the rear end should hopefully keep me on track.

For a long time I have been working on a setting for a Fantasy novel and in the next month or so I hope to flesh out the idea I have for a story in this world. I am looking forward to actually being prepared for nano for a change. I know I have said this many times before and it hasn’t always worked out, but… this is why we are trying the accountability partner idea. I am hoping that this will help me achieve my goals.

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You write, so you are a writer!

I have been thinking for a while as do most writers what constitutes a writer, when would I consider myself to be a writer. When is it a hobby as opposed to a calling etc…

Imposter Syndrome is a big thing for writers, how many times have I been asked what I do outside of work and I will list a few things:

  1. Days out with family
  2. Reading
  3. Playing games
  4. Motorbikes

Then I will absently say I like to do a little writing. I have always said to people that if you write, you are a writer but I am not sure if I even believe it myself. Hence Imposter Syndrome.

I am a classic procrastinator and I spend most of my writing time world-building rather than writing and this is something I am trying to work on. However, I have written a couple of terrible Novellas (during NaNoWriMo) and I have lost of started but unfinished stories/ideas. I am trying to turn this around now and start doing more actual writing.

I think for me I can say I am a writer, but I wont ever be truly happy until I can say I am a published writer, and to get this I need to actually finish something.

We shall see… again!

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NaNo Failure

Partway into October, I started planning my Nano project, but being as it’s me I got bogged down in world-building and plotting characters. The result was the start of Nano and I only had the Prologue, chapter 1, and how I wanted it to end.

Because of this lack of planning and no proper outlining, I quickly lost what I was doing and then my mind accepted that I didn’t have time to do this, then I set it to one side. It’s quite frustrating and I could slap myself for not taking my own advice. It seems like if I don’t have a well thought out plan and an outline then I just cannot keep up with the daily word count.

I have always said I am a “Plantser” So I like to have a good outline, a map to follow with my ideas. But, when I start I often find that the story runs away with me while still keeping loosly tot he plan. I do need that outline though, and this time I didn’t have one, despite knowing what the timelines were.

I will have to see if I want to do Camp Nano in April and if so come up with a plan for it. If not, ensure I plan properly for next November. In the meantime keep writing.

2020 has been a very strange year but I cannot blame that on my lack of production, with most of my kids grown up I don’t have the restrictions I once had. Maybe 2021 will be my year, or maybe I will be writing the same things that I have done year on year. Time will tell….

Merry Christmas and a happy new year.


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2 1/2 months since the last post… I named this blog well.

Looking back through the posts it’s a lot of me making plans that don’t seem to go anywhere. Wish I could work out a way to get this done.

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Checking in

It’s been two months (to the day), I did say that I wasn’t going to have these long gaps and that using this blog I would start to be a bit more productive. But, as usual, my plans didn’t go off as they should. I flip from one thing to another getting nothing finished. I’m 42 now, time is ticking away and I still procrastinate, at this rate I won’t have books on shelves to remember me by just this strange and varied diary type thing….

I had a discussion the other day with a friend about health and losing weight, I have started a new “plan” 1st of September and when asked why this one would be different I pointed out the saying that a heart attack or some other life-changing event is usually a catalyst for change. Where a person realises that if they do not change their patterns and lifestyle then serious repercussions are inevitable.

My choice was, do I want for this life-changing (or ending) event, or do I take the initiative to try and do something now, I have seen too much crazy shit this year to take the thought of leaving my family lightly. So… I have started watching what I eat, shakes for lunch, calorie counting etc… I have rejoined the gym, bought a football and skipping rope, and I have started developing a plan to get fit, lose weight, get the Hernia fixed, and then I can do more with my family and I can play with my grandkids without getting knackered. Four days in and I am doing ok, but as with anything I start, it remains to be seen.

Wish me luck.

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