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So I have fully moved onto world building for the new Fantasy novel, NaNo is out of the window. I did do some writing at the writing group meetups for NaNo but by then I had started looking at a … Continue reading

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Writer’s meetup and Camp NaNo

It’s that time again and although I had said I was going to plan for this I did my usual and didn’t plan the time to plan (see what I did there) and so when the 1st came around I … Continue reading

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Over a month…

I can’t sleep, been to bed for a while and couldn’t drift off so I opened the iPad. I have done it again, over a month between posts. I read somewhere that keeping a blog can be harmful to your … Continue reading

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I was at a loss today as Tracy is working so I posted in the writing group to let people know that I would be in William Steads doing some writing today. Not bad for me being proactive, but now … Continue reading

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Solo – A Star Wars Story

So last night me and a friend went to see the new Star Wars Anthology film from Director Ron Howard and with main cast actors Alden Ehrenreich, Woody Harrelson, Emilia Clarke, Donald Glover and Paul Bettany. This new Science Fiction … Continue reading

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Job interview and goals

I am again at an impasse. I am at a point in my professional life where its time for a new challenge so I have started looking for another job. As part of this I attended an interview yesterday fro … Continue reading

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I have done it again, nearly a month without posting and although part of that was due to my internet suddenly deciding that despite working for the last few years it would block me from accessing my hosted webspace where … Continue reading

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Non Starter

Well this Camp Nano started the same as the other time I tried it, in that I didn’t do anything and although I knew I had to plan for it I haven’t done enough and now its upon me I … Continue reading

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Time planning vs Hobbies

I am a jack of all trades and master of none. For a long time now I have started and not finish many things, I have taken many things on as hobbies and done little with all of them, basically … Continue reading

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Camp NaNo Plan

I have never really bothered with Camp NaNo, which is weird as you get the community/motivation of NaNo but you get to set your own goals, so even if you think 50k in November is too much you can do … Continue reading

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