A Cure for Wellness mini review Warning Spoilers ahead

Warning spoilers may be ahead….

I went to see this film on Monday 27th Feb and watching the trailer beforehand I was expecting a shock horror type of film, I even thought from the trailers that there could be some alien overtones. I was wrong.

The basic idea is a young executive is sent to the “wellness centre” to retrieve one of the board members but once there is given the run around and soon comes to realise that not is all what it seems. when trying to leave he is involved in a car accident and is then dependent on them for care.

I was expecting something that would give me shocks and this just didn’t happen, there were a few cringe moments but nothing too bad, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it does seem to plod along for over 2 hours.

I thought the films was ok and is worth a watch, but it was nothing special. It was quite predictable and there wasn’t really any twists that you were not expecting.

Thanks for reading.

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