9th June 2017 – New Book Collections fun

Because I have a splash of OCD it has always bothered me that some of my book collections are different formats or different sizes. As I like to keep my books and am building a nice collection for certain series I want to make sure I have a really nice, uniform collection. I am wanting to do this for the below:

  • Harry Potter
  • Discworld
  • Sword of Truth
  • Riftwar

This will have to be done over time as it couldn get expensive and I will need to try and sell some of my books to offset the cost but I am doing it.

I started with Discworld, I had allot of paperback for this collection and some hardbacks so I have gathered them all together to get rid of and I started to buy the new Gollancz collection of hardbacks. I have 12 of them now and the collection look very nice. These ones go up to Jingo and then after that the collection has thankfully been continued by Doubleday.

I recently found out that a collection of Harry Potter hardbacks were being released in the house colours, so I have also started to get these for a nice collection. They have only released The Philosophers Stone so far but I will be getting them all as they are released.


I started to try and do the same with Sword of Truth and have had a bit of a mess on. I found some covers that I liked the look of and so I went on Amazon to start collecting the series, as its fathers day soon this is what I was getting from my kids. Happy in my purchases until they arrived, every one of them is a different cover to the ones online, showing that these sellers need to make sure they are using the correct images for the book they are selling. I now have to go to the trouble of returning them and getting a refund and then see if I can find the collection from someone else.

All in all the books shelves are coming along nicely, all getting ready for when I have my library in the house 🙂

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