13th June 2017 – Childhood Books

Susan Cooper – The Dark is Rising

There are few books from my actual childhood that stand out. I’m not talking about late teens but when I was younger. I would equate these to the current generation talking about Harry potter.

The first of these is The Dark is Rising by Susan Cooper, this is part of a larger series which bears the same name as the second novel in the series. This is the only one I managed to really get into. this may be because I didn’t find the others until later in life and by then some of the childhood magic was gone. The Dark is Rising though was one of my favourite childhood books. It did a fantastic job of taking me away from my own life to join the journey of Will Stanton.


The Adventure Series by Enid Blyton

These books were from when I was a bit younger, but by far the books that left the most impact on my younger self. I loved the characters and the feeling of family. I went along with Jack, Philip, Dinah and Lucy on their adventures. I would read them again and again. I have tried unsuccessfully to get my kids to ready these as I loved them so much but none of my kids have my interest in reading, my daughter Hannah is the only one that has any interest in it and she likes the mainstream stuff that 13 year old girls read.

It actually makes me sad that they don’t understand the joy that comes from reading and don’t share my passion for it.

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