28th June 2017 – Misspent Youth – Peter F Hamilton

On the family day out on Saturday we ended the day in Whitby, so I could visit a second hand bookshop there. While I was there I saw Misspent Youth again, I had previously not bought it as I wasn’t sure if I had it. But now that I can check my collection with the Goodreads app, I did just that and realised that I didn’t actually have it.

So I bought it and as I was waiting for the wife and kid started reading it out in the sun. By Sunday night I was over halfway through the book and by Monday I am 3/4 through. If I hadn’t been to work I would definitely been finished.

This does happen when I get a book that really grips me, and this one has done just that. Not even a space sci-fi type of book its set in our near future and centres around the first man to get a new rejuvenation tech, making a main his 80s around 25 again. It follows the results and then how people treat him afterwards and how his life turns out. I am not done with it yet but its definitely been a book I have enjoyed as I have read it so quick.

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