Why can’t I plan properly?

It’s really annoying, I know when things are due to start and yet I am never ready (writing related) I have been talking about Camp Nano for a few weeks and yet it was the start yesterday and although I have a bare outline I don’t have an outline and I have brought my material down to look through today and I am thinking I need allot more planning time.

Characters, I have some names and a bare family outline but nothing deep about them or anything on their friends of the people that are going to share their adventures.

The world, I have a basic map and some city names but nothing concrete and I need to really plan ahead to make sure when I start writing it’s clear I am living in a world thats established. they say readers can tell when your telling a story from a world you have thought out, rather than something that you are pulling from the air as you are writing. I mean either way of doing it can work depending on what type of writer you are. I need to have a plan, I can’t pants it!

I am wondering now if I should not bother with camp nano and then still do the project I was wanting to do and ready for November. Then again isn’t that just a cop out this early in the process.

Problem is I have the great write series and I was going to use them to get me to a better place with my writing. I am a victim of wanting to do all of this at once and because I want to do all of this at the same time I get none of it done.

I am going to continue planning today and see if I can make the decision if it is worth trying for nano as I don’t want to just write drivel as I am not prepared, but I also don’t want to not do it and then settle back into the habit of doing nothing.

I was toying with the idea of planning my evenings as if I was attending a course, so I have structured time for doing learning and structured time for writing/films/family time.

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