Technology vs Procrastination

I have posted quite a few times about how I procrastinate and in the writing magazines I often look at where other writers work, some in cafes, on the couch, in the garden some in offices I have tried a little of all of them with different results depending on situation.

I have an office to myself at home so you would think I would get lots of work done there. This could be the case if I didn’t watch too much TV in there, or browse the internet, or play games… you see a theme here. I have too much in there. Many computers and screens, tv, books etc. So although I am in there allot I don’t get much writing done.

We recently had a writing meetup for the group I am part of and in that couple of hours I got more actual writing done than in the last few months, looking forward to the next one but I also need to get myself int a routine of getting some actual writing done. Not just planning all of the time like I normally do.


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