Writing group and accountability update

The writing group that I started with a friend had its second meeting a few weeks ago. It was good to get together and talk about writing with like minded people. One of the ideas a member came up with was to set our own targets and then be held to them in the group, sort of a metaphorical kick up the butt.

I liked the idea and I set myself a target, this has had two effects, I have actually sat down to write and am about half way through the first draft of the story. The second point however is that I haven’t kept to the target. Now although I would have liked to stick to what I said I would do I am at least glad that this has got me doing some proper writing.  Although I cannot go to the next meeting I am going to put up the post for the targets for the next meeting and this time I am going to put more effort into meeting it.

All in all it was good to get together with some other writers even though in that actual group we didn’t do much writing, it was more a meet and greet.

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