NaNoWriMo 2017 Prep post

It’s that time of the year again when I make all these positive and “achievable” goals, a part of my writing journey whether I “win” or “lose” I love taking part. NaNoWriMo, the principal being, write! Don’t edit, don’t fact check, don’t let that pesky inner editor get a look in.

Now depending on the type of writer you are you will either wait until the last minute and then “pants” it all the way, writing with abandon until you are left with a 50k+ masterpiece, ready to be ripped apart and redrafted within an inch of it’s life.

Or if you are like me you will be a “plotter” and now be starting to plan, 2015 saw me finally complete my NaNo journey and finish a project. 13th Earth – Before the Dawn. I still haven’t picked it up to start redrafting since just after I had it printed to have something solid to read. 2016 I started with hope that I could repeat the year before, but alas I left it too late to get all of my planning done and back to the previous years I ran out of steam. So here we are half way through September and I have started flushing out the story I want to tell in November.

This time I am going to write something in the Fantasy universe I have been creating. Dragon Lords – The Return is the name of the title and I have started this previously in NaNo’s although I have changed the story quite a bit since then. Main tasks for the rest of this month are:

  • Flesh out the cast and do character profiles
  • Finish world building
  • Finish timeline
  • Finish the Magic System and get some friend to check it for viability 🙂

I hope to have the above completed ready for the beginning of October, then the rest of the time before start I can devote to outlining. This time I plan on not running out of steam by having a full chapter outline, something to start with so I can relax and tell the story I have been waiting years to tell.

There we go, a more in depth statement of intent than normal, lets hope this enthusiasm carries on throughout October and through to the end of November when I will be able to hold up the second NaNo novel.

Then maybe I should do some serious redrafting and get something published 🙂

Until next time…


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