I was at a loss today as Tracy is working so I posted in the writing group to let people know that I would be in William Steads doing some writing today. Not bad for me being proactive, but now Iv’e had my breakfast and it’s time to think about what I am wanting to do for the day. Which of the writing goals do I want to be working on:

  1. New Story – Legion – A Shattered Worlds Novel
  2. Short Story – Need to start getting these done as they are good at honing the craft.
  3. July’s camp NaNo – I want to ensure I do something during this NaNo as its a good way to get myself motivated and talking to like minded people while writing. I missed the April one and I haven’t really participated at all with these which is weird as I love the November one but this one can be just as good but less pressure as I can set my own targets.

Anyway, writing this post is a form of procrastination and I need to get some stuff out and decide which I am going to do before other people turn up and I spend some time catching up 🙂

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