Writer’s meetup and Camp NaNo

It’s that time again and although I had said I was going to plan for this I did my usual and didn’t plan the time to plan (see what I did there) and so when the 1st came around I was already deciding not to do it. I made up excuses to myself about looking for a job and Gymming and the world cup, but let’s face it, they’re all excuses and another form of the procrastination I am so fond of….

So instead a friend talked me into making a goal that was achievable as Camp Nano is about setting your own goals and working towards them. So I did this:

My goal is 15k worlds, which is very achievable in a month, even with all the other things I am on with. I have decided to start a new novel in the Shattered Worlds series and I am 2.5k into it so far and enjoying it.

I did buy a new notepad the other day and have started using this one for a new Fantasy idea, so it’s another form of procrastination but a more productive one 🙂

Anyway, at a meet now so need to get on writing.

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