Reading and living the story

I have loved reading for as long as I can remember, I was always in the school library when I was younger and all throughout school. When I grew up my love for reading just got better as I now had the money to buy more books.

When I had kids I think I should have done more to get them into reading, I took them to the library and tried to encourage them but none of them had the same level of interest that I have always had. My youngest daughter reads some, but nothing like what I do. When I am trying to “sell” reading to friends or when I am trying to get my older kids to read something I often use the reason on the image in this post (which I found on the Bookstr facebook group) So I thought it would be a mention. I am not sure how most people read but to me, the words on the image are just what happens. I become engrossed and instead of just reading the words I am living the story, playing it in my head like a film.

This is one of the main things that makes reading such an amazing thing, the ability to transport myself away to other worlds, to live other lives and get to experience wonders I will not live to see in my lifetime.

I watched a film last year at the cinema (Goosebumps) where the original books are not to be opened as they contain the monsters. I would love to pick one of the books off my shelf and be able to enter the world of that book. Walking the midlands from the Sword of Truth or Exploring Mikidemia from the Riftwar series. Stepping onto the Rocinante with Jim Holden.

Ah well I can dream…..

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