Resolutions………… you saw it coming

Just an update, and as you can imagine it isn’t good news. From all of the resolutions I have made the only two that seems to be getting held to is posting on here, but that is due to the new (old) Laptop I now have which I love to use. The other is the Gym, which is going well and I will be getting weighed tomorrow to see what I have lost in my first proper week on my plan, which I got from the instructors at the gym.

The ones that are not being kept up with are the videos and the writing of short stories, I am not getting much time to do stuff like that with all that is going on in my life. I need to look at my time to see if there is someway of organizing it better, I need to get cracking with the Writers Bureau course or that will just be money down the tube!!

Will see what I can organize this weekend.

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