May Blogging update

I am surprised since I started this challenge at how I have stuck with it. I have missed a few days which is a pity but this is my own fault as I seem to be leaving the Blog posts until right before I go to bed. In these cases I have started doing something else and then gone to bed forgetting to post.

Other than that though I have managed to post almost every day, I think I am going to start and post earlier like mornings or after work rather than late at night, this should give me more time to write something better and not have to rush as it is getting near midnight.

I also need to remember that the point of this exercise is to get me writing on a regular basis so I will have a routine down so that I can start writing properly. I have quite a few projects on the go and I need to get cracking with some of them, in amongst all of the other Uni work I need to do :O

Anyway time for me to get ready for work.

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  1. New blog looking good Graham.

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