The Writers Workout, Christian Katz

This is a book I got from Helmsley last year, another tool I have decided I can use in my quest to do more writing this year. It is 366 tips, tasks and techniques from your writing career coach. As it is a nice round number I am going to use this weekend to catch up and then I can do one of these day to complete the book in a year, there’s a goal for you 🙂

1. Write like you breathe

This is basically talking about writing a page a day each day until the act of writing becomes a habit, it is like breathing, you will find yourself doing it without even thinking, get yourself into a routine. I find it hard to do this as my home life if chaotic, not in a bad way but still hard to get a time just for writing.

Morning is a suggestion that is often given, but just this week the wife has decided we are dog walking so that is out of the window. When I get home from work, invariably it means tea, family time and then when the wife goes to bed I get my time. Normally this would mean this is the time for my writing but I have a long list of things I need to accomplish, and I have commitments to friend to be on games, it is a struggle sometimes to get it all in. But I am making more of an effort this year to fit it all in in measured amounts, so that instead of procrastinating and doing nothing, I get allot more done in smaller packets.

Soon it will be like breathing, I wont even notice I am churning out content, then once I have this down, it will be time to write that one great novel that is going to start off a series that will bring back the space opera to the best seller list 😛

I can hope, ok back to breathing i go…

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