NaNoWriMo 2016

It’s getting near to that time of year again and to try and continue on the success of last year I need to make sure I do enough planning for this years event. I planned last year but still struggled. This year I need to make sure I have done more to plan for it.

To make sure I do this I am starting to plan two months before the event starts, this should leave me enough time to have a character bio for each of the characters and a good chapter plan for the novel that I am planning to do. I am moving away from the Sci-Fi stuff I have bee working on and will be trying my hand at the fantasy genre, I have previously tried to do this for NaNo so I already have a basic plot ready. I will flush this out and make sure I have enough to get it done.

Dragon Lords – The Return is the first in a duology that I had planned for a trilogy. Making it into two books fits better so as I plan I will try to have regular update here on my progress.

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