27th June 2017 – Family Time and Apes….

Its so hard to get kids to watch anything with you these days. War of the Planet of the Apes is due out in a week or so, to get ready me and the wife sat down to watch number 1 (Rise) and then as we were in the mood number 2 (Dawn) The 13 year old daughter made a big thing about not wanting to watch it and then when she came down half way through proceeded to sit down and ask questions, then watch the rest…. kids! So they all ended up staying to watch the second one.

It’s strange now to watch this remake, with the film and CGI technology being what it is now they have done a fantastic job with these films. The 2001 remake was terrible and although I found it ok at the time, when I went to go back I hated it. No where near as good as the current reboot.

The originals however are amazing, always loved them when I was younger and even though when you watch them now they are dated they are still amazing films. I think I need to watch them again now, although I will wait until after I have seen the new rebooted one.

All in all, a good night with the family but watching both of them back to back took some time, tired now and so I am going to do this post and then go to bed 🙂


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26th June 2017 – Camp Nano Planning

Camp Nano planning….. Or lack of it….

This months project is Dragon Lords – Exile.

I have a whiteboard next to me with a base outline for a 25k Novella that will cover some backstory for this years NaNo story. This is the plan, but if I don’t put in some time for planning I will not be able to get a start on the challenge and another goal will fail before I have started.

I am planning on a good outlining session this weekend. As long as I can get a good description for each chapter and make sure I have enough to say I will get this project done.

Would be good as I haven’t done the Camp Nano before.

Short but sweet…. and just in the nick of time as well.

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25th June 2017 – First Fail and motivation….

Several times yesterday I reminded myself to do my  post, given it was a day off its disappointing I have missed my target. but one in the entire month is a small amount for me.

I wanted to talk about motivation (for fitness) I’m a big guy and I think I am very close to the threshold of medical problems if i don’t lose weight. I also have an issue where my back hurts when I walk round now. I need to lose weight to get an operation and I need to build my fitness back up. Although I want to do this and I know I need to I just can’t seem to bring myself to start or keep with it.

I could try to list some excuses here but that what they would be, excuses. I have my new pedal bike, I need to get out of this. and I was going to start doing the WUN (walk/run) again, that was what helped me lose so much last time, but I need to do at least two sessions of five kilometres.

I need to know how to get motivation to do this, I don’t want the motivation to be a serious health problem, but I get home from work and just can’t be bothered to go back out, the walking that me and Tracy do needs to be easier so I need to get my back sorted….

I need a fitness buddy, someone to push me….

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24th June 2017 – Day off with the wife

Well, today we were going to go to York as we won a day pass to ??? garden. But when we got up the weather was not supposed to be good. We decide to save the day pass for a better day. It took us a while to decide on what we were going to do but we settled on having a look over to Paddock Farm, which is near to Croft circuit. Not too far from home yet I have never been there.

It is a garden centre with a tea room, but they have a water garden and it was lovely, lots of different mini gardens where you can sit. If its a nice day it made for a very pleasant place to visit. We had lunch in the tea room and this also was very good and great value. I will definitely be going back there.

After leaving here we headed towards Richmond, stopping in Scorton to take some pictures of flowers, as you do. It was a lovely mild day and the scenery around there was great. The house we parked next to was quite big and would be a lovely place to live with that green opposite. I suggested to Tracy to knock on the door and ask if they would like to give us their house but she didn’t think it would be a good idea…..

Onward we went. This time we actually went to Richmond and had a walk round the town centre, I had an Ice cream and a look in the second hand bookshop that’s there. I bought Eric Idle – The road to Mars. An AI android studying the twentieth century comedy…. sounds good 🙂

From there we drove the long way home though Leyburn and Bedale. All in all it was a good day.


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23rd June 2017 – Transformers – The Last Knight, a short review

Last night was the release of Transformers the Last Knight. Written by Art Marcum and Matt Holloway and directed by Michael Bay. This film covers a war between Humans and Transformers, Optimus is gone and the key to saving the future is buried in the past.

This outing sees the return of Mark Whalberg as Cade and includes many new characters and lots of new transformers. At two and a half hours its a long one but its full of allsorts and is a typical Bay film.

I enjoyed it although it was a little bit of a slow buildup. There was also parts that just looked a bit strange, when some of the Decepticons were introduced there was flashy text on the screen which just looked childish to me. I honestly think if they made it more darker and less child like these films would be so much better.

Seems strange when you go from film to film and there are suddenly new plot devices buried on our planet and nothing has been seen up until now….. Like Megatron who was trying in Fallen to destroy the planet with a massive energy collecting machine, all the while Unicron is sat under the crust chilling…… when Cybertron was being pulled through the portal where was Quintessa…. must have been off having a cuppa!

Despite all that its a really good film and worth a watch.

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22nd June 2017 – Short review of Baby Driver

So Tuesday night was the unlimited screening of Baby Driver. written & directed by Edgar Wright its the story of baby, a guy with tinnitus who listens to music all of the time to drown out the noise, he is  forced to work for a crime boss as a getaway driver.

It’s the first time I have seen Ansel Elgort (Baby) but I liked the character he portrayed, it was the right balance of someone doing something wrong but obviously not happy with what was happening. You could see the change from a normal heist to one where people were hurt and because of the subtle changes in character it was clear he was being forced to do this before it was made clear. Great acting I thought from the entire cast.

I liked the trailer and thought there was a good chance I would like it, but when we actually watched it I was drawn in. Lots of music in this one so if you like that then it is for you, its a slight variation form the standard action flick.

It was a brilliant film and well worth a trip to the cinema.

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Big Brother…..

I have been watching the big brother series this year and as usual its full of really strange people, this year it United kingdom of big brother and the people are supposed to be normal people from all over but I shudder to think that this is a representative of our country. There are a few that are good don’t get me wrong but I get so angry when watching them.

I always joke with my family that if I went into the house I would probably last a week. I don’t have much tolerance for stupidity and there is loads of it in there. But it would be a great experience.  I have said to my daughter when she is old enough it would be fun to go in together, she is also a BB fan. Who knows……

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21st June 2017 – Book News

I found out recently that my great uncle David Nell wrote a book chronicling his time as a POW. My mum told me about it and showed me the copy of the book signed by him for her birthday. Given I would like to be a published writer I liked the fact that a member of my family has done it.

I found a copy on Amazon and bought it for my bookshelf. It’s not the usual book i would read but I am going to as it was written by family.

The book is called POW – The Diary of a Prisoner of War. He was taken prisoner in North Africa on 28th June 1942.  It’s set out in diary format and tells an amazing story.

The other book news is one of the books that I got for fathers day, this one came from a suggestion from Casey Neistat. Normally I don’t buy based solely on something like that but this book covers the hunt for the mastermind behind the silk road. I read an amazing article on Wired that is well worth a read. The book is called American Kingpin, from Nick Bilton. I have only just started it but so far its pretty good. If you like that sort of book its well worth a read. i don’t read many non fiction books but this one is shaping up to be a good one.


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20th June 2017 – Writers Workout – Pound it out

“Whatever you say, say it with conviction”

-Mark Twain

It’s ok for your first draft to be crappy, I think I have taken this particular advice to heart… allot of my first drafts are terrible. But using the ethos of NaNoWriMo I use the first draft as just a way to get the story on the page.  Not exactly pantsing as I do like to have an outline as it helps me get through and not stutter and stop half way through. So, just type and get the story/article/post down and then if it isn’t a polished gem, you can got o work and revise until it is the polished gem that you are going to submit.

See your first draft as a beginning, you haven’t got to the end of your journey, the hard work is just starting.

Take this advice and like me you wont hate your finished work too much, you may think its naff and needs allot of work but as long as you know that going in you can persevere until your ready to show it to the world.


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19th June 2017 – Weather

I live in the UK so we don’t really get the extremes of weather other countries get so I feel a bit cheeky saying this but, god it’s hot! Woke up so many times last night trying to sleep in 27 degree heat. Windows open, covers off and it’s still so warm. I love it when the weather is nice but I think I have a tolerance and then i’m uncomfortable. Now I have to go and spend the day in the office, we have aircon but it’s never on as people moan about being under the air blowers and being too cold….. office politics! Its the same at the other end of the year with the cold, I can take so much then its just horrible.

Makes me laugh though, there was an article on the Sun website yesterday saying an amber alert has been issued as it could get to 34 degrees and people could get hurt but he sun. Like I said we don’t seem to do extremes in this country, whether its too hot or too cold the country just seems to struggle with anything like that.


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