Writer’s meetup and Camp NaNo

It’s that time again and although I had said I was going to plan for this I did my usual and didn’t plan the time to plan (see what I did there) and so when the 1st came around I was already deciding not to do it. I made up excuses to myself about looking for a job and Gymming and the world cup, but let’s face it, they’re all excuses and another form of the procrastination I am so fond of….

So instead a friend talked me into making a goal that was achievable as Camp Nano is about setting your own goals and working towards them. So I did this:

My goal is 15k worlds, which is very achievable in a month, even with all the other things I am on with. I have decided to start a new novel in the Shattered Worlds series and I am 2.5k into it so far and enjoying it.

I did buy a new notepad the other day and have started using this one for a new Fantasy idea, so it’s another form of procrastination but a more productive one 🙂

Anyway, at a meet now so need to get on writing.

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Over a month…

I can’t sleep, been to bed for a while and couldn’t drift off so I opened the iPad.

I have done it again, over a month between posts. I read somewhere that keeping a blog can be harmful to your writing career as instead of writing you are spending valuable creative time writing on a blog. for me this was a way to get something down, even if it is just my ranting and the odd interesting post. But keeping a regular schedule with this seems to be hard enough.

It July now and I wanted to do something with Camp NaNo but again I haven’t planned, but then the idea of the camp one is to set your own goals. I may have to look at a goal for the month, something I want to achieve and work towards that. It doesn’t even have to be big, just something so that I’m actually taking my writing in a direction.

I may have to go through. my writing magazines in the morning and from that make a promise to myself to do one writing competition from each of them, that at least would be something.

We’ll see!

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I was at a loss today as Tracy is working so I posted in the writing group to let people know that I would be in William Steads doing some writing today. Not bad for me being proactive, but now Iv’e had my breakfast and it’s time to think about what I am wanting to do for the day. Which of the writing goals do I want to be working on:

  1. New Story – Legion – A Shattered Worlds Novel
  2. Short Story – Need to start getting these done as they are good at honing the craft.
  3. July’s camp NaNo – I want to ensure I do something during this NaNo as its a good way to get myself motivated and talking to like minded people while writing. I missed the April one and I haven’t really participated at all with these which is weird as I love the November one but this one can be just as good but less pressure as I can set my own targets.

Anyway, writing this post is a form of procrastination and I need to get some stuff out and decide which I am going to do before other people turn up and I spend some time catching up 🙂

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Solo – A Star Wars Story

So last night me and a friend went to see the new Star Wars Anthology film from Director Ron Howard and with main cast actors Alden Ehrenreich, Woody Harrelson, Emilia Clarke, Donald Glover and Paul Bettany. This new Science Fiction (or Fantasy if you lean that way) film is the latest in Disney’s plethora of Star Wars films they are churning out since buying Lucasfilm. Like Rogue One (R1)this one was given a 12A rating although seemed less gritty than R1.

Warning, potential spoilers ahead…… This film is based on the young life of Han Solo and how he became the rebel we know and love, how he met some of the iconic figures of the original trilogy, Including the blossoming bromance between Han and Chewy. You also get to see an amazing looking newer Millennium Falcon and how Han comes to love the infamous ship.

Alden Ehrenreich does a brilliant job of portraying the cheeky, lovable rogue Han Solo. showing his origins as a slum rat and how he planned to get out with his love Qi’ra, of course nothing goes to plan and he vows to go back for her. A few years later he’s been kicked out of the imperial fleet for now following orders and is well on his way to becoming the Han we know. He hooks up with another thief (Harrelson) who works for a notorious crime boss Dryden (Bettany) and adventure ensures. Crossing paths with Lando (Glover) and showing how that relationships started. When he comes across Qi’ra again she isn’t the downtrodden anymore and is the right hand of Dryden and although there is still something between them she is still not free.

Obviously the main part of the movie was to show the intro of Han and Chewy and how they came to get the Falcon, it is a predictable Star Wars film but for me that didn’t pose a problem. It was a great adventure in an established universe with characters we already know and love.  It is always going to be compared with R1 and to be fair the former is a better film but I think that is more due to the gritty/dark story that particular film told. Solo holds its own as a brilliant origin story to one of the most famous Star Wars characters.

I also thought it was good that they showed the most famous boast of the Falcon, the Kessel run which was made in in 12 Parsecs. This was always a bug bear for me as when it’s said in the film you assume they are talking about speed and at the same time you know Parsecs is a distance measurement, so it never made sense. Maybe it was explained elsewhere in comics or animated series but I have’t seen them. So it was nice in this film to see how this came about. It makes more sense to me now.

Ron Howard did a great job with this film and I would definitely recommend seeing it. I saw it last night (Thursday) and will be back on Sunday to watch it with some other friends, this time in 4DX for the forst time, so I will see how that goes 🙂

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Job interview and goals

I am again at an impasse. I am at a point in my professional life where its time for a new challenge so I have started looking for another job. As part of this I attended an interview yesterday fro a team leader position of a Finance Systems team. This highlighted that some of my tech skills need updating, so again i am deciding where I should spend my time. Writing, Relearning SQL and Web and I also need to fit in fitness in there as my health will soon deteriorate if I don’t lose weight and get the hernia operation I need.

Today is a day off, taking the wife to an appointment, will have to plan what I can do later. Depending on how long her appointment takes we may pop to somewhere close for a walk if the weather is ok.

Mount Grace Priory is down the road and is really nice and picturesque, probably suggest going along to there as while she is walking round the grounds I can sit on one of the tables and do some writing notes for Shattered Worlds.

Anyway, time to crack on…


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I have done it again, nearly a month without posting and although part of that was due to my internet suddenly deciding that despite working for the last few years it would block me from accessing my hosted webspace where this blog is located. So I couldn’t access any of the sites. they were still available for you lot but not for me, so that is where most of the months went. but still I really wish I could do something about this lack of motivation. If you were to ask my my dreams, writing would be one of them but I seem to lack the will to drop other things and focus on doing something positive for myself.

I wish I could give myself a kick up the butt and get going.

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Non Starter

Well this Camp Nano started the same as the other time I tried it, in that I didn’t do anything and although I knew I had to plan for it I haven’t done enough and now its upon me I am not ready and I don’t want to rush it.

I’m also trying to get my time planning sorted and fitting in this around everything else seems to be a losing game from the start! Frustrating.

So I am not going to be doing it this time. Instead I am going to spend the rest of the day (around F1 and Moto GP ) to finish planning my time so I can start getting my goals mapped out.

Quick one, will update more later.

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Time planning vs Hobbies

I am a jack of all trades and master of none. For a long time now I have started and not finish many things, I have taken many things on as hobbies and done little with all of them, basically a convoluted form of procrastination. Below is what I have been doing with my time for almost the last decade…..

  • Family / Life
  • Writing
  • Web building / Tech / Comuters
  • Gaming – World of Warcraft
  • Films – (Not a hobby as such but I go to the cinema allot)
  • Motorbikes
  • Gym ( this needs to be done)

So as you can see I have allot taking up my time and as I have tried to do so much at once I have managed to not do any of them particularly well. Talking with a friend recently and he asked what my dream was and if the things I do get me closer to that dream. The idea being if it doesn’t get me closer to the dream I should drop it.

My dream is to write, I know that almost all writers will say this and I also know that most of them will never achieve their dream, nevertheless thais is my dream. To produce prose that people cannot wait to read, series that people bug me to write more in etc. to be able to make enough from writing that I can do that full time. (hopefully in my Fantasy & SF bookshop) so I need to take a good look at my life to see what I am going to drop and how I am going to structure my time. How will I reach this goal, and what are the milestones along the way.

The first to go is Tech/Web building, my knowledge is above basic at the moment and that is fine for now, writing is more important. The rest I need to structure, I don’t want to stop doing some of the things I enjoy as they are how I unwind, but I need to reduce the time they take and put that time into achieving my goal. So, how to do this?

Gaming – This will have to be reduced to set times or evenings, I will have to have a word with my friends to see when is the best times but I need to make this something that is easy to drop in and out of. This may mean stopping playing WoW for a while and using gaming time for games like Fortnight or COD, something I can pop onto for an hour and have fun and then come off without having to feel like I need to achieve something.

Films – I love going to the cinema but I think I need to try and have a word with my friend and confine this to one night a week unless there is an unlimited screening that I really want to see. I have brought this up before and we did settle on a night but I need to confirm this.

Motorbikes – Let’s face it, this is not going to go anywhere, but by the same token this doesn’t take up lots of my time. Sundays are likely going to be biking days. Tuesday evenings for Pitstop maybe. Again just need to be clear on what I am doing.

So what is left is writing, this as a goal needs breaking down into chunks that can be completed and then moved on. Some ideas for this would be the how-to books I have, picking one to work through at a time and doing it regularly. There is a you tube series for Brendan Sanderson that I was working through and things like this need to be featured as they progress the skills and experience. Actual writing needs to be in there too, either novel work or a good idea may be to try my hand at short story writing for a while to see if this is something that can help me build experience.

Like moat of my plans I spend too much time planning, more procrastination. We are drawing ever closer to Nano and I need to do some basic planning for the short story idea. Nothing too involved but. vague idea of what I am going to do for the story. Stephen king says don’t plan, just write, so I am going to try and do this, once I have a basic idea of where I want to go.

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Camp NaNo Plan

I have never really bothered with Camp NaNo, which is weird as you get the community/motivation of NaNo but you get to set your own goals, so even if you think 50k in November is too much you can do this one and choose the word count you want to achieve. I have half heartedly started it a couple of times but not really started if that makes sense. I would like to give it a bash this time, so with this in mind I have been thinking about what I could write about. I didn’t want to pick up one of my other projects as I wanted my first real try to be something new.

I decided to combine the fun that is Nano with something I have been meaning to do for ages. Kill two birds with one stone. So my plan for Nano is to do 12 short stories, I have got the themes from the competition extra for writing magazine and aim to do these.

When Nano is over I can then fine tune each of them and then hopefully I can submit them. It’s a good plan but as with most things I try I will have to see how I get on with it. This is where I could do with the time planning being in place. Specific time each day for writing to make sure I hit my goals. Maybe I need to get that ironed out this week.

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Hello again my old friend, I am here again talking about my life, a small rambling post where i note my lack of progress and the place I would like to be at. The end of this post will be a sweeping statement about change and the road I need to be travelling on. blah blah blah……

All the above is true but this time I sense something more, some hand of fate involved that will bring me out of my decade long slumber… blah blah blah….

All sarcastic comments aside I have been talking to a friend about life the universe and everything… his advice wasn’t 42… (congratulations if you got the reference, you’re officially cool ) this friend has been reading allot of self help books and planning/motivation books. While talking with him I brought up that I am a jack of all hobby’s but master of none, the typical procrastinator, I try a little of everything and as such get nothing done. He told me that I should pick my one goal, the thing I want the most and then everything I am doing from then on needs to move me closer to my goal. If it isn’t something that is getting me closer to the dream then I need to seriously thing about whether I want to be  wasting my time with it. I will need some leisure time but I also need to have structured time for advancing my dream.

Obviously writing is the thing I would like to do the most, it’s the dream. Walking into Waterstones in my town and seeing my book on the shelf. Having a fan message me to thank me or ask when the next instalment is coming out, this is what I would love. So over the next couple of weeks I am going to be doing some serious planning of my writing career and the best way to achieve the “goal”

It’s also Camp Nano in April so I need to have something planned for this, although I have a good idea of what to do for this. A way of getting me to complete nano and at the same time have something that I can use to further my career. There will be a post on this soon.


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