New year. 2021, what to expect….

Well, we managed to make it through the craziness that was 2020, this time last year I would have been planning to do more writing and making sweeping statements, little did I know what was to come from this crazy year.

When this all started I was managing a Buying Team for local government and my day job changed, I found myself working with my team to source PPE for the staff to use to safely do their jobs. It was very satisfying ensuring all of our staff were protected but changing the team’s focus and then setting up a logistical section to manage the delivery, packaging, and sending of PPE countywide was quite an achievement. During this time I should have been writing but I just wasn’t in the right space.

It’s now January 2021 and we are in a third lockdown, something that has had to be done to try and help the country manage this situation as the new variant of Covid is spreading faster. More and more “real” life is looking like the beginning of a zombie movie, I had better start preparing because I have a very serious fear that when the zombies rise I am knackered. Best get fit so that I can protect my family 🙂 In all seriousness my life hasn’t changed a great deal, the main thing for me is me and the wife (and sometimes the kids) would go somewhere most weekends and we haven’t been able to do that. We would like nothing better than to go to Flamingo Land, visit a beach or something like that. Roll on the vaccine rollout so that life can get to somewhere near what it was like before this started. Hopefully, Covid will just be another vaccine I need to get yearly along with the flu one.

I have started to look again at what I need to achieve in 2021, I am hoping that this year is more positive than the last 15… I have some re-learning I want to do and then there is writing. I really do need to do something to get into a position to be able to achieve my goals. then there us health, I need to do something drastic to try and lose weight.

We shall se how the year progresses and I will try and update on here.

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