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Me and the Wife

Me and the wife

I have wanted to write for as long as I can remember but struggle allot with motivation, that and the lack of time I have available. I started this blog to try and help me with writing more frequently. It has had mixed results but I am now trying to remedy that and write more often.

Now that I have finished Uni and got my degree, now is the time to start and realize my dream. I have been helping a friend to realize his dream and seeing him self publish his book has given me the push I need to start seriously considering how I can achieve mine. So this is what I am doing now.

I live in the North Yorkshire area of the UK with my family, my interests other than writing are Computers, Photography and Motorbikes, I try to fit time in for them all but sometimes things have to be prioritised.

Although I have done plenty of writing and I am going to try to do more in the pages of this blog, I do not like to call myself a writer yet, although allot of people would as I write, I would only be comfortable when I have published an article or story/book. As soon as I get something published I will be ecstatic and won’t hesitate in calling myself a writer.

I hope you enjoy the blog.

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