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NaNo failing

Well for all my planning it’s happening again. A mix of time to get the writing done and lack of planning. The first three chapters went quite well, but then I hit a wall and just didn’t know how to … Continue reading

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NaNo Journey

Well it has been a rocky start, I didn’t prioritize properly last week and so my numbers are dismal. According to the NaNo stats below I am severely behind. but it isn’t over yet and as long as I stick … Continue reading

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A time to change…..

I like my life, I will just say that first, I have an awesome family and I have many different groups of friends, from those I grew up with to those I have met from work. But I suffer from … Continue reading

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and we’re off……

I had to collect eh wife from town and sort a couple of things but I am ready. Classical music is on and the document is open, let the month of madness start here 🙂 wish me luck.

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