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Sons 21st Party

I like my life, I will just say that first, I have an awesome family and I have many different groups of friends, from those I grew up with to those I have met from work.

But I suffer from a severe lack of motivation to do what I want or what I need. I am trying to remedy this but it is harder than you would think, I usually have no issues with will power and can usually do what I want when I want, but getting my ass in gear seems to be something that escapes me….

Here are the goals I am wanting to achieve :



Writing – This is the main goal I am trying to overcome, I have messed around with this for years not taking it seriously, I am trying to do this now, but NaNoWriMo is the perfect example, we are on day 7 and I am already 10k behind, normally I would use this as the reason to quit as I am getting too far behind, but I am going to turn a corner so I am hoping to get back on track. After this I am hoping to start a challenge for 2015 – A Story a Month, from this I am wanting to enter a competition form the Writing Magazines that I have each month, this as well as this Blog and any other writing I can do will help me achieve my dream.


Banging head on desk

Banging head on desk

Websites – After finishing Uni I had a goal in mind to redo some of the websites I have had and to build a presence for my writing career, this has fallen by the wayside as it would take time to bringing my skills back up to date. This is another area where I need to give myself achievable goals and stick to them.

Geekery – I have bought several books on programming languages and I have my goal to be fluent in Linux Command Line, again something I play at but never seem to get very far, the gaps in learning are too far apart.

Me and my Brother

Me and my Brother

Fitness – I am a big guy (I am on the right in the picture to the left, the other guy is my brother Pete), and I will soon get to the point of getting medical issues if I do not lose weight and get allot fitter. I was in a nice routine until a couple of months ago, I fell out of it and then couldn’t get back in. I need to get cracking with this as I was just starting to feel a bit better, now I am back to feeling like crap, I hate my size. I was at my parents last night and my dad was showing me some pictures, there was one of me and my older brother from when I lived down south, I was less than half the size I am now. Something needs to be done before it is too late. I have wanted to run the entire Tough Guy race for a long time, but would not be able to at my current level.

Now, the reason for most of this isn’t finding the time, by the time I get back from work and I have tea and spend some time with the family, I have enough time to get some of these tasks/goals done by allocating my time over the week. Instead I waste hours each night either messing about on the internet or Facebook or watching TV programs that I have seen before, I know I am doing it yet I couldn’t seem to stop myself doing it.

I don’t know what my plan is going to be moving forward, I need to look at my life and what I spend my time doing and make some changes otherwise I will blink and it will be a year later and I will be in the same position.

I found this quote from Alan Lakein, an author of time management books and quite liked it.

“Time = life; therefore, waste your time and waste your life, or master your time and master your life.”
-Alan Lakein

It’s time to master my life, if only I knew how…..

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