18th June 2017 – Motorbike

My Motorbike
Yamaha YZF600

So I am a biker, something I wished I had done when I was 17, especially given what it cost and the hoops when I finally did do it. But at least I did it in the end. 6 years ago I passed my. test and apart from a small window I have always had a bike. I love going out on it, but I don’t like going out on my own. I much prefer to go out with someone else or a group.

When I first passed I joined a group with some friends and went on some ride outs and arranged events , it was really good. But as these things go the group fell apart, infighting etc. Because of this I ended up not going out much, still the odd one but the guy I would go out with didn’t have a bike on the road. For the last year or so. When I got my MOT done last year I had only done 300 miles and I promised myself that the same woulnd’t happen this year. It’s looking more and more like that is going to happen again, other than the couple of miles to work I have barely used the bike. I just don’t enjoy going out by myself. Some of my friend do, I just don’t enjoy it as much. But I think if I want to ride I may have to start forcing myself to do this. Otherwise I am not going to get enough miles in.

I joined a group for owners of Thundercats but although they are a great bunch of people and I want to go on some ride outs I just think as a group its restricted as if I was to get a different bike I would have to leave, such a shame if I got to know people. It does make me less enthused with the group and wanting to get more involved. Maybe I just need to crack on and get to know people, I may end up with some people to go out with on the bike then…..


Biker Nod

I have to say this is something that I always like, its like being in a club, when you pass another biker, a nod to say hello, I would say 9/10 people I have done this to have done it back, or first. You wouldn’t get anything like this with car drivers, it’s really good.

The other thing I found recently is the willingness to help others out. My bike had broken down round the corner from my house and I was pushing it back and a guy that lives round the corner came past me and stopped asking me if i was ok and if I needed any help. Contrast that to the last tine I had a car accident and no no-one who stopped at all and I think bikers are a more friendly bunch.

I just need to get out more I think…

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