Writing Meetup

I have joined a few writing groups over the years and they all end up where no one talks for weeks on end and nothing seems to happen.

So, this year I started a writing group with a fellow writer from one of the other groups. Called Northern Writers, I didn’t want to have something that was limited to one town, at the moment there are 8 members and although quite quiet there is some participation.

Sunday 4th we had our first meeting, there was only three of us due to availability but it was good to have a writing meetup. We met in William Steads in Darlington from 09:30 until around 1pm and I have to say I was more productive in those few hours than I have been in the last few months. Something about being in a place with people that like to do the same thing as me and being away from distractions made me focus on what i was doing.

We are already planning the next official meetup and I am planning on maybe going back there myself to do some writing. As I have said in the past it seems daft to have an office to myself and still need to leave the house to do some work without distraction.

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