Hello again my old friend, I am here again talking about my life, a small rambling post where i note my lack of progress and the place I would like to be at. The end of this post will be a sweeping statement about change and the road I need to be travelling on. blah blah blah……

All the above is true but this time I sense something more, some hand of fate involved that will bring me out of my decade long slumber… blah blah blah….

All sarcastic comments aside I have been talking to a friend about life the universe and everything… his advice wasn’t 42… (congratulations if you got the reference, you’re officially cool ) this friend has been reading allot of self help books and planning/motivation books. While talking with him I brought up that I am a jack of all hobby’s but master of none, the typical procrastinator, I try a little of everything and as such get nothing done. He told me that I should pick my one goal, the thing I want the most and then everything I am doing from then on needs to move me closer to my goal. If it isn’t something that is getting me closer to the dream then I need to seriously thing about whether I want to be  wasting my time with it. I will need some leisure time but I also need to have structured time for advancing my dream.

Obviously writing is the thing I would like to do the most, it’s the dream. Walking into Waterstones in my town and seeing my book on the shelf. Having a fan message me to thank me or ask when the next instalment is coming out, this is what I would love. So over the next couple of weeks I am going to be doing some serious planning of my writing career and the best way to achieve the “goal”

It’s also Camp Nano in April so I need to have something planned for this, although I have a good idea of what to do for this. A way of getting me to complete nano and at the same time have something that I can use to further my career. There will be a post on this soon.


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