Job interview and goals

I am again at an impasse. I am at a point in my professional life where its time for a new challenge so I have started looking for another job. As part of this I attended an interview yesterday fro a team leader position of a Finance Systems team. This highlighted that some of my tech skills need updating, so again i am deciding where I should spend my time. Writing, Relearning SQL and Web and I also need to fit in fitness in there as my health will soon deteriorate if I don’t lose weight and get the hernia operation I need.

Today is a day off, taking the wife to an appointment, will have to plan what I can do later. Depending on how long her appointment takes we may pop to somewhere close for a walk if the weather is ok.

Mount Grace Priory is down the road and is really nice and picturesque, probably suggest going along to there as while she is walking round the grounds I can sit on one of the tables and do some writing notes for Shattered Worlds.

Anyway, time to crack on…


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