The end of the world

Sometimes I write this blog and I think maybe someone will stumble upon it one day, but given we are in the throes of a pandemic may be the apocalypse I have been reading about for so long is with us and before long we will all be wandering through a dystopian world trying to survive… or maybe I am just being overly dramatic. 🙂

My Dog Ghost
My Ghost

To keep things calm while I go into the outbreak, here is a pic of my doggo isn’t he awesome 🙂
So, I haven’t blogged or even written anything about this until now but boredom and a want to write has given me the push to chuck some words on to (digital) paper. It’s strange to think just a few weeks ago I could go to the shop and buy something without it being a piss on. Now we need to have a good reason, wait in massive queues due to limited people allowed in at a time and then there is the social distancing, the buzzword of 2020. Don’t get me wrong I am not moaning about the precautions, I am just in disbelief at how something like this is now affecting so many lives.

In December when China was on the news I don’t think anyone realised what it was going to turn into, Jan we had the couple in York and people started to make jokes and nervous comments and then into Feb the social distancing comes in. Mid March the warning for vulnerable people started ramping up and then we had the warnings for non-essential travel. 20th he shuts pubs etc, we can all see the writing on the wall and then a few days later the dreaded lockdown started.

25th a new law was passed (Coronavirus Act 2020) giving the government and authorities powers to do what they need to slow the spread of this virus. and here we are on the 29th sat inside wondering what to do and facing potential several months of this and even if things are loosened at that point it will be a long time before the country is back to normal. It’s a strange time to be living.

I hope this will soon be over and we can look back and be glad we got through it but unfortunately that won’t be true for everyone.

Much love to those struggling with the isolation and to those dealing with bereavements at this difficult time. Look forward, to a brighter future.

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