It’s beginning to look a lot like…

I wish… the weather has changed in the last week from warms days where it’s hard to concentrate in the office because of the heat to me having to close the windows to keep warm while working. I must admit to hoping for the cooler weather to come, but I like the happy medium. We have had some rubbish days where it just rains and is cold. Off out to do pumpkin picking with Trace and Arthur and Imy tomorrow and it’s supposed to be cold and raining, I am hoping the rain holds off. But, it should be fun regardless. We are nearly at the change of season and the clocks will soon go forward, the nights are already pulling in and I am hesitant to say that me and the wife have already started watching Christmas films.

This year I managed to find this addon tv channel to my Prime subscription and although it is costing me an extra £4.50 a month it is worth it for me and Trace. We have already watched so many new films that we haven’t seen before and there are loads more to find. It’s really beginning to get us into the feel of the season.

I know a lot of people will cry it’s too early for Christmas, it’s not even Halloween. But with everything that is happening in the world today we are taking anything that will offer more in this difficult time. A little extra Christmas cheer makes all the difference and if it is something that puts a smile on my wife’s face then that’s all I need.

We are a Christmas house and we really look forward to it each year, we can’t help that it is getting earlier and earlier each year 🙂

Do what you need to do to smile, you only live once.

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