The BT Phone Book

I was wondering today about the phone book, I dont know where it is in my house as it isnt something that we bother with anymore. We have the numbers we need in our phones and any other number can usually be found using the internet.

I was reading an article on writing the other day and it mentioned using the BT phone book to find names for stories, seems weird that this didn’t occur to me. I actually went out and bought a book for baby names as sometimes I struggle with names for the stories I write. I will see if I can find our so it actually gets some use.

It makes you wonder for how much longer these books will be getting printed, you would think in this age they would have came up with an online version that people can use (without having to pay) I wouldnt thinkt he printed version will last much longer, it just seems daft to waste that much time and resource on something that could be done online for the majority of cusotmers,I am sure they would alwasy ahve to produce some as some people will not wan tto be using an online version for a long time yet.

Sooner or later we will all be forced to move on with the times.

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