The New World!

Well, it has been a long ride but I have submitted my last University assignment and provided I pass the Advanced DB module I was having issues with I am done with Uni…..

I cannot stress the relief when I get home from work or at weekends now as I have no Uni deadlines, I can finally just do what I want to do.

So from now I will be pursuing my dream of writing, in amongst the list of jobs that the wife has planned for me now……

So keep an eye on this blog as this is something that will be getting used allot more now I have the time ( amongst the million other things that seem to be getting added to the list) I am planning on really concentrating on my writing career.

I also cannon wait for NaNoWriMo this year, I have failed three years running because of Uni work or other deadlines. this year I can finally devote the time needed to achieve a goal like this.

Bring it on.

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