Workplace Challenge

Last month at work they let us know about a challenge that different workplaces were doing, to try and get people more active I believe. Some of the team leaders at work have got people involved and although I asked my team there is only myself and one other from my team up for the challenge. A colleague of mine has a few from her own team involved and is throwing down the gauntlet.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t stand a chance of beating her team as a few of them are very active and I am just trying to get myself in the “zone” to assist in my getting fit and losing weight. But the fun challenge is a way to help me get motivated, and I am someone that needs the motivation.

I missed the Gym again tonight, I had to take my dog to the vets and intended going after, but as is the norm once I have settled at home I don’t want to get back up. I was looking at Gym times as I don’t want to fail before I begin, Tomorrow it is the 1st of July and a new monthly challenge…..

It seems my Gym opens at 06:45 on a Tuesday and Thursday, so I am off to bed now and am going to try and see if I can get a morning workout in. That will make it count for next month and if I can manage it, will be better for this week as I have a few thing on the evenings, lets see if this workplace challenge can get me moving, something needs to.

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