Think of the Children….

This rant is brought to you from the Writing Magazine (August 14) the article was called Think of the Children.

It covers an author called Loraine Mace and the books she wrote starring Vlad the Inhaler, this is a YA fantasy book with vampires in it.

Seems she was subject to the age old fools that blame literature, film and games for the behavior of the people of today. she dealt with it in good grace from the tone of the article, I don’t think I would be so forgiving.

It is hard to believe that some people seem to think that something as simple as playing games or reading a book or watching a film will change the personality of a child to the degree of rape or murder. What a load of crap!

That kind of self righteous rubbish infuriates me, my kids play all sorts of games and watch all sorts of films and guess what, they’re not bad people and don’t go round breaking the law. I grew up waiting films and playing games and guess what… I don’t go round breaking the law.

Games, books and films are a convenient place to blame for the failings of people.

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