Nearly new year…..

It’s that time of year again and it’s time to start thinking of goals that I want to achieve in 2015. I loath to use the term resolutions but in effect even though I am calling them goals it is the same thing.

So here is the basic list (in no particular order) of what I want to achieve in 2015:

1. Have my website at rebuilt, by updating my own skills a the same time.

2. Become proficient in the use of Linux, I am getting there with this one but I need to devote a bit more time to it.

3. Start my writing career properly, with the view in mind of getting published.

4. Flesh out the Shattered Worlds universe and write some shorts and start the novels.

5. Possibly linked to the writing ones above, I was planning on doing a challenge, a person on a blog I was reading was doing 52 stories a year. I wasn’t contemplating this as there is no way I have the motivation or time to do this, so instead I am planning 12 stories in 2015, one per month.

So those are the goals I have for 2015, the unwritten one also being posting more on this blog.


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