Shamed into getting off my butt!

A friend of mine that I regularly talk to about writing has just finished his second book (1st was self published) in all of the time it has taken him to write these two books I have…. wait for it…. written less than one short story in the universe I have been busily planning.

It just isn’t good enough, I can keep saying I want to be a writer or I can do it, I need to make that decision as I am a master procrastinator and listed up there with writing is web design, another past time I lost the skill for and i have wanted to bring back.

So here is to another …. fresh start, I think I may even try and run my own NaNoWriMo in August, 31 days and as near to 50k as I can. I think over the next week I will do some planning and start what I hope will be me finally moving on with some of my goals.

Watch this space!

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