Fear the walking dead

Fear the Walking Dead

Fear the Walking Dead

I have just finished watching the first two episodes of the spinoff from the Walking Dead. the original series although by no means the first post apocalyptic series to air, it seems to have taken off in a big way, hugely popular and one of the best series I have watched for a while.

I am never keen on prequels of any kind, but for this one I am looking forward to seeing how the infection started, nice to get the back story to the main show. It was a slow start but I have to say that it is looking good, a nice start, although I think it is typical that its the dysfunctional family that the show follows, there has to be the divorced wife and estranged kid. Why doesn’t stuff like this happen to nice norma adjusted families 🙂

I will see how this progresses but I am looking forward to getting some answers.


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