Should I hide….. I don’t have anything to hide!



You can’t go onto the internet today without seeing some article about how the government is spying on you, your emails etc. can be looked at and you’re not safe…. with this in mind I have been thinking about all of the information of mine that is all over the internet, if I search my normal username it is all over the place. If I wanted to be invisible, it’s too late, I now don’t have a choice, it’s out there.

But, should I be looking at protecting what I am dong now, should I encrypt my emails, should I stop using cloud based services. These are the questions I have been asking myself. The thing is I don’t have anything to hide, so to go through the hassle of securing my browsing and communications would take time, and I am trying to decide if it is worth doing this to hide something that I don’t need to.

The techie in me wants to do this just because I can…… maybe…. but then there is the point of view that if you hide what you are doing then you must have something to hide and as such come under scrutiny.

Technology and innovation are a good thing, but along with the world moving forward we have gained the ability to be able to track what everyone is doing. Short of living your life like a proper hermit in the hills somewhere with no connection to the digital world there is no way to get round the level of scrutiny that is prevalent in our day to day lives.

Ah well, crack on I say!


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