Another Mini Break, this time no kids….

Freddy Gilroy in Scarborough

We came to Scarborough about a month ago with the youngest daughter, it was a good break but bless her she doesn’t like all the walking around and this ends up causing her to moan, so when we got back I booked a break for just me and Trace. Rather than just come straight here this morning we have been on a tour of Yorkshire 🙂 We stopped at Helmsley and had a look round as well as going in the Castle. We the went to Whitby and had a good walk round the shops there. We then headed to Scarborough, but on the way Trace mentioned she had’t been to Robin Hoods Bay before and that was near, so we stopped by there. Not allot there but was nice place to see. I think it is the land of place you would go if you just want to relax and have a few drinks in the local pubs.

Freddy Gilroy in ScarboroughWe then went to Scarborough, checked int he hotel and then had a walk down to the seafront to the Freddy Gilroy sculpchure , the only place I can take a picture and look small. After this we came back to the hotel, had dinner and are now just relaxing in the room. Trace watching tv and me on the Laptop, these rooms are quite nice but I was hoping for a bath, as the Grand, the one we stayed in last time had a nice big bath in the room. But this one just has a small shower, so no doubt that will be fun in the morning….

We also got a free bottle of wine with the room, I didn’t realise they were going to open it so I chose Red, Trace then told me she doesn’t like red, so I am stuck drinking it. We didn’t pay for it, but I don’t like waste…. this may not be a good idea!


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