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Death of the physical book…. or not….

The e-reader is a convenient way to read books without having to carry around heavy physical books. The battery life normally lasts a couple of weeks and as it is purely for reading it is not loaded down with rubbish … Continue reading

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Big Brother 2016

I think something like this can be categorised as a “guilty pleasure” I loved the first couple of seasons then didn’t watch it for a long time, I since came back in the last few years and its like a … Continue reading

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Busy Times Are Back!!!

It’s that time of year again only this time I have so much more to do. We are in a busy period at work swapping systems and I have just started ack to Uni for my final year, so I … Continue reading

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So called Justice in the UK

I was reading the Sun paper and again wanted to vent at the absolute ridiculousness of this country….. The Article is entitles “Victory for Evil” European judges have decreed that our courts cannot give actual life sentences to murderers. The … Continue reading

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US Government says no to 3D Gun Designs

In a not so surprising move the US Government has sent a latter to Defence Distributed suggesting that publishing the plans was in violation of arms control regulations. I’m not sure what they think the point is, as up to … Continue reading

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Student lecturing the teacher :)

This story seems to be making the rounds at the moment, a student in the US is raging at his teacher. Not sure what happened before one of the students turned on the camera but he seems to be taking … Continue reading

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1977 A year to rememeber

Good Morning all In 1977 two momentous events took place, they were as follows : NASA launched the Voyager 1 spacecraft, and it is currently the man made object furthest from the Earth. At the moment it is in the … Continue reading

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