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18 Year old inventor

Sometimes I read articles that just make my head spin…… I have a 18 and 19 year old in the house and to be honest its an achievement if they can get out of bed (i’m exaggerating of course) but … Continue reading

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I have no excuse for the lack of posts really….. A close friend of ours passed away and we went to her funeral a couple of days ago, then a couple of bikers died in an accident up north who … Continue reading

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Xbox One

When I got in from work tonight I watched the Microsoft live broadcast for the review of the new console. Xbox One, so named as they are promoting it as the centerpiece of any home media system, the one device … Continue reading

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Keep the Faith & Yahoo

I have managed to keep up the posting, although i’m not taking my own advice and still doing it last thing at night and so on some nights I have forgot. I really need to take control of my time … Continue reading

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The BT Phone Book

I was wondering today about the phone book, I dont know where it is in my house as it isnt something that we bother with anymore. We have the numbers we need in our phones and any other number can … Continue reading

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May Blogging update

I am surprised since I started this challenge at how I have stuck with it. I have missed a few days which is a pity but this is my own fault as I seem to be leaving the Blog posts … Continue reading

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US Government says no to 3D Gun Designs

In a not so surprising move the US Government has sent a latter to Defence Distributed suggesting that publishing the plans was in violation of arms control regulations. I’m not sure what they think the point is, as up to … Continue reading

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Jack’s Back!

I got some good news today, Jack Bauer is coming back in 2014 for another series of 24, although this time it seems Fox has purchased 12 episodes, still however covering a 24 hour period. It isn’t going to be … Continue reading

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World of Warcraft Loses 1.3 Million Subscribers in Q1

An article on Pc Mag website is reporting that in Q1 Blizzards MMORPG World Of Warcraft lost 1.3m subscribers, the game reached an all time high in 2010 with 12m but has dropped considerably since then. As is always the … Continue reading

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Had a lie in today for the first time in ages, when I got up I looked something like this 😛

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