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I just wrote a massive blog styled post and then when I tried to post it, something went wrong and I lost the whole thing….. The rage is threatening to take over, it is fast turning out to be a … Continue reading

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Shamed into getting off my butt!

A friend of mine that I regularly talk to about writing has just finished his second book (1st was self published) in all of the time it has taken him to write these two books I have…. wait for it…. … Continue reading

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Send a message

I’m not sure if I am just not like other writers but I have no thought to a message behind my writing. I just want to create an expansive series of books for others to enjoy. When I achieve this … Continue reading

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Going over to the dark side

it has finally happened…. I bought a new iPod a while ago and despite always taking the mick out of Apple I love how smooth the use is. So this week I got myself an iPad 4 and I just … Continue reading

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