Over a month…

I can’t sleep, been to bed for a while and couldn’t drift off so I opened the iPad.

I have done it again, over a month between posts. I read somewhere that keeping a blog can be harmful to your writing career as instead of writing you are spending valuable creative time writing on a blog. for me this was a way to get something down, even if it is just my ranting and the odd interesting post. But keeping a regular schedule with this seems to be hard enough.

It July now and I wanted to do something with Camp NaNo but again I haven’t planned, but then the idea of the camp one is to set your own goals. I may have to look at a goal for the month, something I want to achieve and work towards that. It doesn’t even have to be big, just something so that I’m actually taking my writing in a direction.

I may have to go through. my writing magazines in the morning and from that make a promise to myself to do one writing competition from each of them, that at least would be something.

We’ll see!

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