Day 11

Before I started Nano I had this great idea to vlog it, record some videos and then at the end I could do one video to upload to my channel. My journey so to speak. What is my progress you ask… nothing, as usual, my plans have gone to pot. I also had the idea to post to this blog during to keep all my interested readers (haha) up to date on my progress. Given my last post was Oct 29th saying almost there and this one is Day 11 I am sure you get that this also didn’t happen.

But… I am proud that I have managed to work on my Nano novel constantly, usually, by now I am behind and starting to think about quitting. Well not this time, my outline is helping greatly, which is the plotting side of me. Then when I start a chapter the pantsing side takes over and the story is evolving as I go. I am quite enjoying the process this time and although I need to keep it up I am not feeling the pinch as much as usual.

Part of this is the writing group, they keep me motivated and on our Discord channel, we do word sprints which I find really helpful. So here’s to another nano win.

Wish me luck 🙂

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