No plan B

I was sent a video from a friend, this particular friend is always trying to help me achieve my dreams by pushing me. Quite a difficult job as I am very demotivated allot of the time but he keeps trying. This morning he sent me this video.

I sat here and watched it and felt like he was talking to me, achieve your dreams, make time. Have a goal and then strive to reach it. I don’t have any young children now, my youngest is 15, I currently work office hours so I am home by half 5 and then I have the weekends off. So I have no real excuse for not achieving my goals, I just procrastinate allot!

I am looking for another job at the moment but cannot get back into what I enjoyed, not that I hate my job as I don’t, but it isn’t what I would prefer to be doing with my time. So for the last couple of weeks I have started myself on the path to bringing my tech knowledge back up to a level where I can get back into the field. If only at a management level. But this will take time. Planning in some time to re-learn at a constant pace is what I need as at the moment its piecemeal. At the same time I do not want to let go of my dream of being a published writer, so I have two goals that I would like to achieve:

  • Get into a routine of writing, short stories only for a while so that I can bring my writing skills up and start entering them in competitions.
  • Upskill my tech knnowlege
    • SQL
    • Web Coding
    • C#

From today I am not going to turn on the TV in my office if I am supposed to be working on achieving my goals unless it is to watch something that will help me further my goals. This should be a big help as I waste a lot of time watching TV in there, it’s my biggest form of procrastination. April can be my trial month, focus on my goals and see what I can achieve, as long as I can stick to a goal, a plan A and not have a plan B I will achieve!

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