Wow, over three months

Well…. Over 3 months since the last update and given the last one was NaNo related I find it bizarre that this one is coming close to the end of October, which means Pumpkin carving time.. oh, and NaNo!!

So i have been off work for a week and I have one more day (Sunday) and then I am back until my birthday weekend. I was planning to use some of this time to plan for nano but had a busy holiday with the wife and other stuff. So it’s Sunday tomorrow, the last day of the hol and the only thing I have planned is F1 at 19:00. So the rest of the day is going to be planning and writing-related. I really would like to write something this time that I can actually do something with post NaNo.

I have my idea, and because it is something I have attempted this one before I have a lot of the world-building done as well. I do and have been going back through it as I think I have built my perfect fantasy world with all of the tropes and cliches in it and I need to tone it down. I also need to have a good hard look at the magic system and make this solid before I start writing. Today should be a busy day. Should!

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