Update and beyond 2020

It’s been a while since I have given an update and a bit has changed. This post is not going to be a new year new me post…. but it will share some similarities. 🙂

So NaNo was a bust for me, I just didn’t plan enough and like I have most years I got about half way through and then came to a halt. Lack of planning tends to do this to me. The way I write is to have an outline and then for each chapter I start as I have planned and then “pants” it through to the end and the next chapter, this works most of the time although I have to add a bit in. So I didn’t plan and didn’t end up completing it because of this. There was quite a bit of personal stuff that happened which also contributed.

So.. before new year, beginning of December I started thinking about my life and my goals. Mainly that I have had them for a long long time. Being a writer has been a thing since I was a child although I have tried for over a decade now and not got very far. I do plenty of world building and come up with basic ideas that I never flesh out. My writing output ends up being very low. the other if my health and fitness, not only for my kids and grandkids but for myself as well. I am 42 now and although I am getting older I am tired of the feeling and being tired all of the time. I have a hernia and it seems to be getting more and more uncomfortable, I have been trying to lose weight for years so that I can get the op to get rid of it. I seem to lack motivation. So that is the other goal.

To try and help with achieving these goals I started to write down what I wanted to achieve and what I thought I would need to do to help achieve this. I am not going to go into detail in this post but I may in a further update one. Suffice to say I have a few goals to achieve from now (2020) and beyond. I am hoping the things I have out in place this time that I have never done before will help me to achieve these goals.

The goals I have been planning for are:

  • Losing at least 4 stone so that I can have my hernia op. (This will also I create health and wellbeing)
  • Achieve my writing dream. This means being published and also down the road writing a series that people cannot wait to get the next chapter in. Seeing my books in Waterstones in my town would just be fantastic.
  • That’s the basic of it. To help with these goals I have planned out some things that can help me achieve. Exercise plans, Journaling, time planning and one of the things I believe will help me more this time is the accountability. I have written this all down and I have read that writing for increases the chance of achieving goals to about 36% the other thing is I have asked a friend of mine to help me by being an accountability partner. Following an article I read we are setting goals on a Sunday night and then updating each other. Explaining why we haven’t met a goal or completing them and then setting new goals. Each goal needs to further one of the targets I have set for myself.
  • So.. here I am in the hospital (my eldest daughter is in labour) it’s nearly 23:00 and I am getting psyched with my progress.

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