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It’s been two months (to the day), I did say that I wasn’t going to have these long gaps and that using this blog I would start to be a bit more productive. But, as usual, my plans didn’t go off as they should. I flip from one thing to another getting nothing finished. I’m 42 now, time is ticking away and I still procrastinate, at this rate I won’t have books on shelves to remember me by just this strange and varied diary type thing….

I had a discussion the other day with a friend about health and losing weight, I have started a new “plan” 1st of September and when asked why this one would be different I pointed out the saying that a heart attack or some other life-changing event is usually a catalyst for change. Where a person realises that if they do not change their patterns and lifestyle then serious repercussions are inevitable.

My choice was, do I want for this life-changing (or ending) event, or do I take the initiative to try and do something now, I have seen too much crazy shit this year to take the thought of leaving my family lightly. So… I have started watching what I eat, shakes for lunch, calorie counting etc… I have rejoined the gym, bought a football and skipping rope, and I have started developing a plan to get fit, lose weight, get the Hernia fixed, and then I can do more with my family and I can play with my grandkids without getting knackered. Four days in and I am doing ok, but as with anything I start, it remains to be seen.

Wish me luck.

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