Nanowrimo season rapidly approaches, as well as planning for this to ensure I have a good outline to complete a novel this year I am working on a small short story project for Christmas. Something I have also been meaning to get done for many years.

To try and help with the planning phases for nano a friend and I have decided to try the accountability partner idea. This means meeting weekly (or more) to go through goals. Trying to keep each other on track and holding each other accountable. something I have wanted to do for a while as I do tend to work better when I know I have someone waiting for me, and if I slip a swift kick up the rear end should hopefully keep me on track.

For a long time I have been working on a setting for a Fantasy novel and in the next month or so I hope to flesh out the idea I have for a story in this world. I am looking forward to actually being prepared for nano for a change. I know I have said this many times before and it hasn’t always worked out, but… this is why we are trying the accountability partner idea. I am hoping that this will help me achieve my goals.

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