You write, so you are a writer!

I have been thinking for a while as do most writers what constitutes a writer, when would I consider myself to be a writer. When is it a hobby as opposed to a calling etc…

Imposter Syndrome is a big thing for writers, how many times have I been asked what I do outside of work and I will list a few things:

  1. Days out with family
  2. Reading
  3. Playing games
  4. Motorbikes

Then I will absently say I like to do a little writing. I have always said to people that if you write, you are a writer but I am not sure if I even believe it myself. Hence Imposter Syndrome.

I am a classic procrastinator and I spend most of my writing time world-building rather than writing and this is something I am trying to work on. However, I have written a couple of terrible Novellas (during NaNoWriMo) and I have lost of started but unfinished stories/ideas. I am trying to turn this around now and start doing more actual writing.

I think for me I can say I am a writer, but I wont ever be truly happy until I can say I am a published writer, and to get this I need to actually finish something.

We shall see… again!

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