Fantasy Con

It’s getting closer to the end of the month and after our family holiday in September, I will be going to the British Fantasy Society’s Fantasy Con event.

Lots of panels, stalls, and more importantly books. It’s a bit daunting as I am off down on my own but from the looks of it, I think I will be ok. Full of friendly people that seem very inclusive.

I have put money aside, especially for this, I am hoping to come away with some nice signed books.

Also, they recently announced some of the writers doing talks there and including Tad Williams and Alastair Reynolds. I have books from each so it’s now a dilemma of whether I take a load of books with me to see if I can get them signed. lol

I don’t really want to take half my library. It’s not been cheap with the accommodation, travel and the cost of the tickets but I am hoping I will really enjoy it.

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