6th January 2024 – Preston Park

I decided that this year we will be doing some set days out each month to work my way through a list of places Trace would like to go. It starts with Preston Park which is near Yarm. This is a place we like to go to as once you pay the ticket covers the year. So this is a place we will visit a few times when we just fancy a quick run out and walk. Maybe a cuppa in the cafe.

The site has a large park which is great for the kids and a cafe/shop for ice cream. Brilliant place to visit when the weather is nice. There are public toilets here as well.

Inside the museum is where we like though. Once inside there is lots to look at from history, some old and some not so old. There is a cabinet with a Gameboy in there. very nostalgic. This is downstairs and there is more upstairs.

Once you have walked through the museum you can come down the lift/stairs and come out onto a mock Victorian street. We love this. There are shops up and down, some of them you cannot go in, and others are open with props of what the shops would likely sell at that period. There is a sweet shop there where you can buy sweets, and of course, there is a cafe which is quite nice.

As you come out of the street there is a good gift shop. Some of the stuff is a bit overpriced mind, but there are some nice things there. For the low price it costs and the fact that it lasts the year, this is a great few hours out with the wife or kids.

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